Red Hunt 14

A car stopped behind my car when I was
photographing an old tree at the entrance to Sambatguseok town in Donggwang-ri
and a mother and daughter got out of the car. "You're taking pictures
here?" "Yes, I am taking pictures about 4.3 incident." A woman
who seemed to be the mother continued, "This is my father's birthplace.
That tree that you see there is the sign. I heard that when the 4.3 incident
broke out, my uncle lived in a cave and he was pierced with a bamboo spear, so
he went to Hanlim hospital. Since then, all of our family has left. The family
gave away this land to an organization and they never ever came back here. My
father passed away a few weeks ago. I moved to Jeju-do, since then. Whenever I
think of my father, I come here with my daughter. Good luck with your
photographs.” The words ringing in my ears and the lost memories still touch my




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