Red Hunt 17

Keunneolkwae, which is a natural cave where Donggwang-ri people sheltered themselves when the 4.3 incident broke out.

Martial law was imposed and it was declared that those who moved to the Hilly Mountainous Areas 5km away from seaside would be seen as rioters.

However, the people who used to live in Donggwang-ri did not even know the declaration. 

Donggwang people, who were already considered as mobs, sheltered themselves at Keunneolkwae and Doaetkwae and they survived there.

However, those who were caught were cruelly shot to death near Jungbang waterfall.

The bereaved who could not find bodies made Heotmyo (Empty Graves) to comfort the dead.

These were things that people had never expected to happen in Jeju.

The Jeju 4.3 incident is somewhat of a Holocaust that was committed in South Korea. 


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